MAGIC BROOM - المكنسة السحرية

الكلام بالانقليزي مجرد هياط زايد بس
باختصار طلعت صورت صور احتفاليه بني ثقيف مع صاحبي عماد الثقفي ومن ضمن الصور عجبتني سلسلة صور سميتهم المكنسة السحرية .. لان شكلهم وهم يطلقون البارود كانهم بيطيرون على مكنسة سحرية مثل اللي كنا نشوفها في افلام الكرتون ..
واللي مازال يتفرج افلام كرتون رجاءا يقفل الصفحة ولا عاد يفتحه ثاني ههههههه

I believe many photography enthusiasts dream to quit their jobs to become professional photographers. And what I mean by “Professional” is that %50 of your income is from photography and not that you own a huge lineup of lenses and you shot almost everything and everyone on earth loool.

I began my career as a professional photographer in 2009. For several years, I had worked so hard I almost became a machine. I missed the fun and un-stressful side of photography that I used to feel at the beginning of this endless passion.

A few months back, a friend of mine invited me to attend a tribal event in his home town Yanbu. I liked the idea and thought to myself “It won’t hurt if I took my camera with me” especially that I needed a break from commissioned work.

My friend took me around his old village where the event will take place and while were walking we heard a gun shot so loud that I thought it was a bomb. He giggled and said not to worry, this is how we welcome our guests. We rushed back to the tent and everyone was gun blazing.

I grabbed my camera then started shooting.

In the middle of all this, I shot couple of pictures that I thought could make a good series. I named it Magic Broom which was and inspiration from cartoons we used to watch when we were kids. I was certain it won’t be easily understood or accepted by some people but who cares. I like it and I hope you all do.

Magic Broom 1

Magic Broom 2

Magic Broom 3

Magic Broom 3

The Magician

I would like to thank my friend Emad Al-Thagafi for the invitation. I really had an amazing experience.

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